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Today was a weird day for me. My girlfriend had broken up with me for no reason. When I asked her the reason behind her actions, she stayed silent. I am not the kind of guy who is very emotional when it’s come to love. I usually let things happen, and when she decided to break up with me, I was not hurt. I mean I loved that woman very much, but if she decided to get out of my life, I respect her decision. It usually takes a lot of time for me to heal but this time I don’t want to take too long for me to move on from her. Knowing my girlfriend, she must have some substantial reason why she left me even if I do not understand why I’m very confident that it was because of something important. Almost all of the people I know are surprised why am I handling it very well. Honestly even I don’t know why I’m okay with it.
Maybe we already realized long ago that we were not meant for each other and breaking up with one another is the right thing to do. But after a while a friend told me that the reason behind my ex-girlfriend leaving me was because she was pregnant with my baby at that time and her parents don’t want her to keep the baby because they don’t like me. It all made sense at that point. I immediately tried to contact Shane, my ex-girlfriend but she would not take any of my calls. My suspicion is she already knows that I already knew about the truth. The truth was very hurtful and hard to swallow. All this time it was because of her parents. I’m very disappointed with her and her parents for lying to me.
They deceived me and misled me from the truth. Having that baby must have changed my life. That child would have made me very happy. They just took my baby’s life with no regret. All of the people around me told me that I should say to the police of what my Shane did, but when I talked to a lawyer, he told me that it’s tough to prove my case because I don’t have any evidence. They are evil they made me look like a fool. What kind of a mother would give consent to her daughter to kill her baby? It’s the most catastrophic event that had happened in my life by far. Seeking revenge for my slain baby is never the answer. There is nothing that I could no but to accept the truth and move on with my life. My past relationship put a gaping hole in my heart that no one can heal. At least that is what I thought when a friend booked me a cheap London escorts to help me move on with my life because they are starting to get worried about me.
Since I always look miserable to them. I wanted to decline the offer, but for some reason, I accepted it, even if I had never had an experience with escorts in London. I am amazed by her, and there are lots of English cheap London escorts to choose from. Hoping that it will help me be happy again, they book the most beautiful escort in London my friend could find. My jaw dropped when I saw the girl they booked for me; she is one of the English cheap London escorts I had never expected that she could be that beautiful but I was more impressed when I got to know her more and found out how kind she is. At first, I thought that I was just lucky to have a girl like that, but when they booked me my second escort in London, my experience was still the same. The girl I was with was lovely and young. When I got to know her as a person, I was shocked at how sensitive and tender her real personality was. I started to realize that I was not just lucky, most of the escorts in London are great women that are always ready to make a man happy. Not to mention that most of them are English cheap London escorts.